Modular Form is a team of engineers, project managers and consultant’s whо transform desires, needs and behavior of the client, into content so-called – space. We cooperate with a group of external experts with an expellant professional position and reputation, whom we engage according to the needs of the projects.

Modular Form provides consulting and solution support services to all categories including office, retail, hospitality, exposition, education, health & care, industry and residential. We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their needs, by finding and removing the root causes, so they can achieve their goals.


It all started in 2013 in Skopje, Macedonia. Since the very beginning, we have worked and created projects for various local and international brands. Perfections is a process which includes constant improvements and learnings.


We are believers in partnership and mutual benefit with our clients. Everything starts with commitments, with our mission to transform space into pleasantly experience, to support wishes, needs and behavior of our clients and to achieve success.

That’s why we listen our clients. We advise, optimizing the process to meet ideas, the budget and the frame for realization.